Is body makeover for you?

The CreateHealth body makeover™ follows a new, holistic understanding of the human body. A lifetime dedicated to the study of the human body has united Glenn and Shoshi Hall in their passion for improving the lives of their local Las Vegas clients and a growing number of international celebrity clients who demand the best in trans-formative body work.

The body makeover is a unique – three step, fully immersive process that aims to create a quantum shift in the way a client feels “in his or her body” as a result of the work. Step 1 deeply analyzes the traumas and injury the client’s body has experienced and the patterns that have formed to cope with those traumas and that injury over time. Step 2 facilitates a release of these internalized patterns and sets the path for restoring the muscular tissue back to its original blue-print. Step 3 focuses on teaching the body new and improved patterns of movement to facilitate a lasting transformation and permanently enhanced well-being.