The Secret of Golf and Happiness

If ever there was a sport specifically designed to take you from madness to happiness shot by shot it would surely be golf. We have spent many years educating, balancing and putting bodies back together mainly because of the passion to just keep going that is present in many golfers we treat (professionals, amateurs and those dedicated people in the middle!). What we find is that golf can create some very bad habits that can have a detrimental affect on your swing and also your quality of life. Continue reading “The Secret of Golf and Happiness”

How Your Body Releases Your Mind

As you read this, consider what is Biomechanics?

Have you heard of it?

According to the dictionary, biomechanics is “The study of the mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living organisms”.

If you are drawing a complete blank at this stage, do not be concerned – most people have never heard of this concept, and in all honesty, that explanation does little to clarify the concept in question. Continue reading “How Your Body Releases Your Mind”

Pain Release is Depression Release

There have been many trends and exclamations to the importance of our mental health in recent years, which is a very positive thing – we are not just acknowledging the importance of a healthy mental state, but furthering our understanding of the linkages between our physical and mental self too.

As we continue to allow ourselves to explore our emotional state and accept the fact that we are not always happy however, we uncover an entirely new problem – if I admit I am not happy, or depressed, or in pain, how do I go about recovering from this state? Continue reading “Pain Release is Depression Release”

The Difficulty in Believing Chronic Pain can ever END!

The challenge with chronic pain is that it reaches a point where the road feels like it will never end, there are only so many times you can try, there are only so many times you can believe there is hope, there are only so many times before the light of hope diminishes from a fire inside to a mere flicker.

We have dealt with this loss of hope 100’s of times with 100’s of clients, it is often our starting point on the client journey. To understand why, we asked one of our clients to break down their perspective as we use this as a case study to explain why there is much more than hope of lighting the fire once more.  Continue reading “The Difficulty in Believing Chronic Pain can ever END!”

Personalised Pilates Designed just for YOU

Wherever you are it’s likely that you’ve heard of Pilates. It’s been around since the 1920s and places special emphasis on developing core strength to improve general fitness and well-being. Paired with the emergence of yoga we’ve seen a wave of different studios, organisations and teachers emerge over the last 5-10 years. This emergence has been a good thing, right? More so than ever before it would seem we’re getting healthier, more active and open minded in terms of the type of methods we use to maintain our overall health and well being.

For many who undertake a course of Pilates, the initial motivation of improving general fitness and overall well being is indeed valid. Everyone should ultimately be motivated by a desire to improve their day to day lives. Yet when working with our clients we find it crucial that we go beyond surface motivations. Pilates does indeed have the potential to improve and radically transform posture, muscle tone and joint mobility.  Continue reading “Personalised Pilates Designed just for YOU”

The Integral need to Balance Mind and Body

Mind and body

The past 10 years have seen an explosion in health consciousness in the West. As a whole it would seem that we’re taking our health more seriously than ever before. This has mainly manifested in an explosion of gyms, exercise classes and yoga mats. More than ever, as a society we seem more active, there are now more options than ever before if you wish to burn some calories.

Yet with all this activity it seems that more than ever we’re all clamouring for some quiet time. We can call this need many things, but if there’s something that we can agree on, it is that we need balance. The human mind and body yearn for stimulation, they thrive on challenge yet at the same time require these things to be balanced with space for downtime. Downtime doesn’t necessarily mean inactivity, instead it’s a call for temporary disengagement, not so that we may avoid our day to day lives but instead, return refreshed and go deeper.  Continue reading “The Integral need to Balance Mind and Body”

Unleash your Inner Artistry

The term artistry evokes many images and feelings. A common problem has been that we often load the term in a particular direction – that is artistry can mean creative expression such as drawing, painting and so on. This narrow definition often only succeeds in making some us feel that somehow we’re not quite ‘artistic’ enough. Perhaps we’ve not had lives or careers which we feel have been centered on unleashing inner expression, or so we may feel. It’s not many times we’d use the term artistry in the same breath as consultant, corporation or finance.

In 20+ years as a dancer I’ve come to realise that regardless of expression we’re all artists in our way. For some that expression takes the form of drawing, for others they may express it through sports, the way they engage in conversations for example. The important thing is that we all ‘access’ this artistry in different ways.  Continue reading “Unleash your Inner Artistry”

Science + Mastery = Personalized Success

State Management is a science, a skill, something we should all be aware of and work at to get the best out of ourselves and give ourselves the best opportunity to excel and reach our potential at any given time.

Think of your life, an average day and the various states that you feel throughout any given day such as anger, confidence, love, happiness, fear, excitement and more. These states all impact our ability to perform at a given time and for the most part, when we are not aware of their influence on us or in control of our own state, they simply come and go based on a series of factors impacting us all the time and the effect they have is hard to truly understand.  Continue reading “Science + Mastery = Personalized Success”

How to release yourself for optimal performance

The core of the reason why i’m doing what i’m doing now came from the passion and beauty for the true artistry of dance and the ability to perform to convey emotion, passion and artistry, grace that’s what made all the hard work possible for during my professional dancer days.

For me optimal performance is when i was on stage i felt an out of body experience and  I was a different person, confident, liked, attractive, special. The times when (and it was rare) i felt effortless, my movements was in a perfect flexibility, balance and power.  Continue reading “How to release yourself for optimal performance”